Services & Specialties

We have years of experience creating PC Boards using the latest PCB technology.  We have contacts with PCB vendors that can handle all your PCB needs from prototypes to high volume in the US and overseas.  From simple to complex, ACS Design can handle it.


  • 3D PCB Design with Revision Control
  • Embedded Software Design with Revision Control
  • PCB Prototype Ordering
    • Once your PCB design is finished we'll order the boards and parts and have them assembled for you.
  • Guidance through FCC/CE compliance
    • We can help you get your design FCC/CE tested for compliance or certification


  • 3D PCB Design
    • We'll create your PCB with a library of components that have 3D bodies.  Once the components are placed on the board the resulting board will be a complete 3D representation of the real thing.
    • We can import your 3D housings in step file format and check placement of critical components in real-time.
    • We can export your 3D PCB in step file format so you can import it into your favorite 3D CAD software.
  • PCB designs from 1 to 8 Layers
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB Design
    • Micro Vias
    • Via In Pad (VIP)
    • Blind Vias
    • Buried Vias
    • Filled Vias
  • High Speed PCB Design
    • Differential pair routing
    • Trace length matching
  • RF PCB Design
    • Controlled Impedance
    • Controlled Dielectric
    • Antenna Design
    • From DC to 5.8Ghz, we'll make sure your PCB is designed for optimum performance.